Frequently Asked Questions

Whether it is the most basic question, to more in depth about insurance, we have the answers to your questions.

Do you take passport and/or hunting license photos?

No. We reccommend going to your nearest Walmart or London Drugs.

Do we need to purchase extra Vehicle Rental Insurance if we already have an Extended Auto Package Policy?

If you are traveling outside of North America (North America does not include Mexico), then yes, you must purchase extra vehicle rental insurance.

Does our Cabin Trailer/ 5th Wheel classify as a Private Structure under our Home or Agro Insurance?

No. A cabin trailer/ 5th Wheel is considered a separate entity and must be registered and plated as such. You would add the Cabin Trailer/5th Wheel to your Extended Auto Package Policy and receive further coverage through that.

What am I covered for if my fire jumps to my neighbors field or yard?

This would be covered under your Comprehensive Farmers Liability. As farms are getting larger, and equipment is getting more expensive, the risks of a large claim are also growing, we suggest you have a minimum of $2,000,000 liability on your Agro Policy Package.

Is my hay field covered if I purchase fodder insurance?

There is no coverage for standing hay crops. However, cut or loose hay in swathes or piles is automatically insured for up to 10% of the limit of fodder insurance you purchased or $1,000, whichever is the least amount. This applies when you cut and bale the grass in the ditch as well.

On my Personal Auto Policy, what is difference between third party liability and family security?

Third party liability protects the registered owner, and any authorized, qualified drivers if found to be legally liable to someone else for an injury, death or property damage which was caused by the ownership or use of your auto. You are covered up to the amount shown on your policy.

Family Security will pay for your costs if you or a member of your family are injured in a vehicle accident and the at-fault driver doesn’t have enough liability insurance to cover your claim. The coverage limit will match your liability amount up to $2,000,000.

What is covered under SGI CANADA's Farm Property Advantage?

1. Farm Building Contents, Miscellaneous Farm Property, Tack Equipment and Tools.

2. Debris Removal

3. Voluntary Fire Fighting Coverage Farm Property Advantage provides one blanket amount of insurance for all of that property. For example, let’s suppose you purchased $95,000 of insurance under the Farm Property Advantage. In that case, the value of all of the items mentioned above would be included in that single limit of insurance.